Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow, more than a month has gone by since the last post. Time just goes by. I keep thinking I'll have some new pictures but I haven't taken many lately. Since the last post David and I have poured a new sidewalk, Mom has gone to girls camp and the weeds just keep growing in the garden. Memorial Day weekend had David and I setting up forms and mixing cement. We poured half of it on Saturday and the rest of it on Monday. We were both pretty tired when it was done. The next weekend I got some new outdoor lights to light the walk at night.

I went up a week ago last Monday to help set up the tents for girls camp, I drove up the motor home so Dawna would have a place to sleep and so they would have a refrigerator for some of the food. Just as we got ready to leave a bad thunderstorm hit around mitchell butte. The road by the siphon got one lane washed out and there were rocks all over but by the time we got to the bridge the storm had passed. It hadn't hit camp hycliffs at all. Stoney and Maria Schulthies, Weston and Lori Schulthies, Kevin and Maria Draper, Penny Elsworth and Jan Wilcox went to help set up. With that much help it went up really fast. Dawna went up the next day and helped take the girls up and I went up Tuesday evening to see if I could help out. Penny had taken Jan Wilcox home because of abdominal pain. Turn out later that it was appendicitis and she had surgery later that night. Girls camp went pretty good and Dawna and all the girls and leaders packed up and got home on Thursday. She went back to work on Friday. David and I packed the tents and put all the equipment up last Saturday.

This week we have been slowly getting ready to go to Missouri. Today I changed oil in the car then found oil in the engine coolant. Found out the intake gasket is blown and will need replaced before the trip. Luckily I found it before we left. K and K and troops came over tonight for some homemade Ice Cream. We had a good time out on the front lawn enjoying the evening with there family and Grandpa and Grandma.