Monday, December 8, 2008

I haven't blogged for a week or two. We had a great Thanksgiving at Chris and Susie's. We really appreciate their hospitality. Dawna got low censuses and didn't have to work and Lesley and Cameron came over too. After a great meal, We went over to the theater and watched Hancock. I was sitting beside Grandpa Durfee and don't think He was real impressed with the movie. He kept saying that Hancock made superman look like a wimp.

The day after I got up early and went to Walmart to see if I could get a new TV since the one we were using was Cameron's and He sort of wanted it back. This was the first time for black Friday shopping and hopefully will be the last. People get a little crazy, make that a lot of crazy. I couldn't find the TV I really wanted and they were going so fast that I figured if I didn't grab the one I was near that there wouldn't be any at all. So I ended up with a 50" plasma. I just grabbed it and drug it through the store to the check out stand. David thinks it is pretty neat but I was really looking for a 40" lcd like Camerons. The price was the same though. It's big enough that sometimes you almost get motion sickness with some programs. It's great for football though.

Here are some more pictures of the reception and family

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well, yesterday was the big day for Cameron. Everything went well. The wedding was very nice. There was approx. 40 to 45 at the wedding. The luncheon was good, We had a good time visiting and someone even brought a tv and set up in a different room for the die hard BSU fans. Lesley and Cameron even got to watch a little. The Reception was really nice, I wonder by that time if Cameron's face was tired. He had a smile on all day long. I really don't know if he heard anything at all. We all had a good time. Dawna and I took Shalon home and had our first sleepover by a grandchild. Wendy and Wes stayed at the anniversary inn for the evening for a night out. I"ll post some more pictures later when I have some more time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I thought today that it would be a slow Saturday, but it has been pretty busy. I went to Ontario this morning to pick up smoke chips for smoking the meat for the luncheon at Cameron and Lesley's wedding. Also picked up the barbecue sauce. David and I are being lazy, we normally make it. David tends to make it really hot though. I blew out Mom and Dad's sprinklers, then blew ours out. I worked on the hot tub, Then I tried to get the old lawn tractor that pulls the lawn sweeper started. I finally had to cheat and go buy a can of starting fluid to help get it started. While I was sweeping the lawn I had a parts call so I went back to Ontario to pull some parts. I also smoked a pork tenderloin and was glad I did because we got a call about 3:30 that the missionaries were coming for dinner. We had forgotten. We did the old standby of baked potatoes and the tenderloin that I smoked. I got to watch a little of the BSU game but they were beating the utah aggies pretty bad. I was going to settle down and watch the night game then remembered the Boyer's wedding reception. Dawna wasn't feeling to great, Her contact somehow scratched Her eye and It was all red. She wouldn't come out of the bedroom when the missionaries were here and I went down to the reception by myself. Hopefully it will heal fast. So much for nice easy weekends with nothing to do.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Been a busy couple of weeks. Last Saturday was David's birthday. We thought the card the Lesley and Cameron gave him explained a lot of things, although it must of been Dawna who dropped him, I don't drop anything but food and tools. David got a couple of BSU sweatshirts from Lesley and Cameron, rock band 2, and a tie from Dawna and I, and cards with money from the Grandparents. We capped off the night watching the BSU game with San Jose State.
Monday I stayed home from work to go to Mike Barlows funeral service when about 8:00 ambulance after ambulance went through Nyssa. I knew it had to be a mvc because of amount of ambulances. When Dawna and I got to the funeral we found out that it was Harlen and Kenda Lee Garner family. Tragically their oldest son died in the crash. Our prayers have been for them and Mike Barlow families all week.
David had his senior project this week. He put on a concert with different talents. It was really pretty good. I wished I would of took the camera. David played two trumpet solos and some of his friends did some musical numbers and rap numbers. Then the jazz band played. They sounded really good. David should of advertised a little more, unfortunately there was only about 30 to 40 people there. David didn't mind too much. He was much to worried to care. He is sure glad it is done. Friday started our football week end with all the college games. We didn't get to much done around the house and yard as it rained most of the day on Saturday. Go Broncos

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This weekend David, Myself, and four of his friends went back up to the church camp to dig out the old water hydrants and install new freezeproof hydrants sorounded by pea gravel and pavers. The old hydrants would freeze up in early spring after the water was turned on and also made a mud hole. This was David's Eagle project and I am sure glad that is done and over. I am not much of a plumber. I had a hard time with the hydrant next to the pavillion because it had a water line tapped off it that went back to the kitchen. It took David and I an hour to figure out how to plumb it and get it hooked up. Lucky someone had left a few fittings in the well house because I was short a 3/4 tee. We still need to go back up because I told Bother Glenn that we would move all the old rock from around the one hydrant and didn't get it done because it got late. Harvest is winding down, most of the Onions are in, Potatoes are done, and the farmers are harvesting grain corn and suger beets. It sure seems odd not having the smell of the sugar factory any more. We have cut the store hours and only have one more Saturday to work. Hopefully Dawna and I can go camping once or twice before it gets really cold.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sitting here watching the BSU game on one channel and flipping and watching Missouri on the other channel. Here are some pictures of Shalon at the reunion, and with Chris at the wedding, and Laura up at the lake.
This week was different, Monday I had a Dr. appointment and was told the my constant sore throught was acid reflux, so now I have another pill to take. Thursday I had to take the prep for Fridays procedure and you know it didn't go any better than it did 4 years ago. Fridays procedure checked out okay. I was out of it till about 2 in the afternoon.
Today David and I went up to the church camp to work on his eagle project. He is changing out the water facet to a new freeze proof hydrant surounded by pea gravel so there is not a big mud hole. The wind was really blowing and it was cold, but we dug down and found out what we needed for the size and type of pipe.

Monday, October 6, 2008

I downloaded some pictures from Cameron' s pictures, Here are a couple of Sidney and Shalon from this summer. Shalon had a lot of fun with those drumsticks. David thought it was pretty fun too untill she whopped him good a couple of times.Then the drumsticks went away. Sidney was here in May before Jana and Andrew moved. She was a lot of fun. Also here is a picture of all our family that was a Laura's wedding.

Here are some pictures from last summer, We found Laura's old camera and even though the camera is no good the sd card had these pictures on them. I used to get a lot of fun with the boat but the bouncing on the waves just kills my back. I think most of my fishing in the future will be from the shore.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First, apologies to Lesley, I asked David and He was pretty sure it was Lesley. Here are some pictures over at Terry's a week ago at an Idaho Street Rod event. I had a lot of fun looking and talking to car owners.
Been over to Mom and Dad's last night, Mom is feeling better and said Her chest does not hurt now. Dad is walking better and would do even better if He would walk more. Margie and Doug were over too. We all had a nice visit. Well the Boise State Game is on, Got to go.

Monday, September 29, 2008

For all of you wanting a picture of Leslie and Cameron, here you go. Leslie had a friend take some pictures about a week ago. Leslie was over last night. David teases them. He thinks it is funny that no one will be around in a few years when He is dating. I told Him I will be around and Cameron will not be that far away.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New to blogging

The girls have been after me to get a blog started so I am working on it. I was looking for a picture of Dawna and I found this one. This is my favorite car of Terry's.
Dawna is at a bridal shower for Leslie, David and I are just watching football. Looking forward for Saturday and getting some things done. I'm feeling a bit better this week.