Sunday, April 3, 2011

This weekend has been busy. Thursday night I started a job that I didn't realize was going to take as much time or effort. When we built our well pump system we were going to water our lawns with well water. Unfortunately the deep well pumps lots of black sand and it would ruin sprinklers in short order. We later dug a shallow well and pump from it. However the two systems tied together in the well house. Last winter one of the ball valves started leaking. So I tore everything apart and installed a gate valve in the main line that used to go to the sprinkler system and didn't bother to hook up everything else. Fast forward to spring and we are going to need to water lawns in the not to distant future. So I started to dig down outside to fix and re plum the system. I forgot that it was 4 feet deep. Luckily Kevin at work as able to call his dad and arrange to borrow this little backhoe. It sure help with the digging part and I was able to get everything fixed Saturday afternoon. This week I also planted some pasture, mowed the lawns and planted some garden. Sunday afternoon when conference was over we drove up to lake owyhee to see the water go over the glory hole spillway. The river is running about 12,000 cubic feet per second and has flooded some low fields and closed overstreet road. The last time water was spilled over the glory hole I think was 2005. A lot of other people had the same idea. We met a lot of people from Nyssa and Ontario.