Sunday, August 9, 2009

McCall Reunion

I've had these pictures for a while and though I posted 1 last blog here are some more. The family picture was take by Bruce Tracy. He took a lot of pictures and works as a photographer. We had a lot of fun and in the evenings Joel asked Mom and Dad questions about their life's. It was really neat hearing the stories of youth and early married life. We played games, went on walks, went to McCall on Friday to eat by the lake. We didn't really want to go home to the plus 100 degree heat.
Our Bishopric got changed today, Bishop Johnson took a job in Germany being principle at a school on one the military bases. So today we got a new Bishop which is Gaylen Spear, 1st Counselor is Lee Long and 2nd is Stoney Schulthies. I've been Gaylen's home teacher for the last few years I guess now that I'll have to go more often. David started on his mission papers tonight. Ross

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time flies and I'm not even haveing all that much fun. Wendy keeps after me that I still need to blog the rest of our trip so I'll post some more pictures of the last of the trip at Andrew and Jana's home, Some pictures of Soren and Sydney, Pictures at Wendy's and some pictures of our reunion at McCall. Since we have got home life has been pretty busy. We have went to Boise several times to see Alexis. I am working the late shift and Saturday for the 2nd time in three weeks to help cover for some other employee's time off. But when this week is done I won't work another Saturday for 6 weeks. Dawna and I did go to the fair last Wed. We didn't stay to long because we had taken some of the young women over. We did eat fair food and had a good time while we were there. Ross