Friday, September 26, 2008

New to blogging

The girls have been after me to get a blog started so I am working on it. I was looking for a picture of Dawna and I found this one. This is my favorite car of Terry's.
Dawna is at a bridal shower for Leslie, David and I are just watching football. Looking forward for Saturday and getting some things done. I'm feeling a bit better this week.


Carolyn said...

Hey now I can stalk you too along with your girls! :-) Lori found Wendy's blog through someone else's, so now I have access to all of the girls to see how they are doing. Kind of fun! I was excited to hear Cameron's news. Bet you guys are busy now with yet another wedding to plan. You'll have to post a picture of them as I think I might vaguely know his fiance. Hey, that picture looks familiar. We need to come up there again soon.

Andrew, Jana, and Sydney said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Thanks for showing the booties to grandma. Miss you!!!

Robert and Laura said...

Dad you spell Lesley with an ey not ie. You should know that for future reference.