Monday, December 8, 2008

I haven't blogged for a week or two. We had a great Thanksgiving at Chris and Susie's. We really appreciate their hospitality. Dawna got low censuses and didn't have to work and Lesley and Cameron came over too. After a great meal, We went over to the theater and watched Hancock. I was sitting beside Grandpa Durfee and don't think He was real impressed with the movie. He kept saying that Hancock made superman look like a wimp.

The day after I got up early and went to Walmart to see if I could get a new TV since the one we were using was Cameron's and He sort of wanted it back. This was the first time for black Friday shopping and hopefully will be the last. People get a little crazy, make that a lot of crazy. I couldn't find the TV I really wanted and they were going so fast that I figured if I didn't grab the one I was near that there wouldn't be any at all. So I ended up with a 50" plasma. I just grabbed it and drug it through the store to the check out stand. David thinks it is pretty neat but I was really looking for a 40" lcd like Camerons. The price was the same though. It's big enough that sometimes you almost get motion sickness with some programs. It's great for football though.

Here are some more pictures of the reception and family

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