Sunday, July 12, 2009

This last week has been a lot of fun. We left July 3 to go to Jana and Andrews'. We drove to Cheyenne Wy. that day going about 780 miles. David said he had all the car time he needed, little did he know what was to come. The next day we traveled to Missouri, We stopped at the Liberty Jail visitors center, and then went to go to Independence to see the temple lot but when we got there they had the streets blocked off for the evening fireworks show. We then plugged in Jana's address into gps and headed for Columbia. We got to Jana's at about 9:45 there time. We had traveled another 760 miles that day.

We Stayed Sunday with Jana, Andrew, and Sydney went to Church with them and just enjoyed the day of not driving. Jana made Dawna and I a birthday cake since my birthday was the 3rd and Dawna's was on the 8th.

Monday Dawna, David and I left to go to Nauvoo. We cut across Missouri seeing a lot of country, We went through Mexico, Palmyra, and several other towns in Missouri. We got to Nauvoo and took both the carriage ride and wagon ride to see the historical parts of old Nauvoo. Then we ate lunch, walked around the Nauvoo temple. We went to see the cultural hall, John Brownings' gun shop, Scoville bakery, Stoddards tinsmith, and the Drugstore. We went to the Comunity of Christ tour of the mansion house and Joseph Smith home bought was to late for the last tour. We walked around them and just saw them from the outside. We them went to the records house and down loaded a cd of all the family names that Dawna and I could remember. Last of all we went the cemetery to see the grave of Edmund Durfee.

We stayed in Keokuk that night resting our tired feet. The next day we went down to the Mississippi river to see a old river boat museum. Then we watched a tug and its tow go through the lock. Keokuk has an observation deck built on top of a railroad bridge to overlook the river and locks.

We have done a lot more but I'll blog it later

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