Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a note to update whats been going on. The kidney stones have passed. Fall work is just about all done. There is still some corn to be harvested but most all the beets are harvested. Onion sheds are going strong. You can hear the fans from across town all night long. David has had the flu twice or the same flu with a respite in between being sick. He has got his wisdom teeth out and should have his mission papers in the next Sunday.

We have decided to stay home for Thanksgiving. Laura and Bobby will be here. David and Mom both have the day off. Lesley has to work so Cameron will come over with Alexis. I will smoke a turkey and hopefully watch some football. We will go down to Utah in December to go to Camie's wedding.

Grandpa fell today. The wind was blowing really hard and blew him over. He had to get stitches in his hand and chin, and has one heck of a black eye. David was home on break and between the two of us we got him to the house and then when I looked at his hand I knew he needed stitches. Grandma took him down to the clinic with David and I following to help get him inside. Gail cleaned him up and he got stitched up and then came home. David got off work long enough to help get him in the house. He will be awful sore for a few days.

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