Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I was looking forward to getting a lot done this week but my body had other plans. I've been going to a PT to improve flexibility and range of motion. I've been getting better and better until Sunday when a lot of the pain came back. Well today I know what the pain is. I had another kidney stone. I went to work and didn't feel good so I came home. Within a hour I called my mother and off to the hospital I went. I thought I could weather it out at home. I guess I'm not the tough. The nurse stuck me three times before she got the IV in. Then she didn't draw enough blood, so the lab tech came back and stuck me a fourth time. The stone passed while I was there at the hospital. The CT scan shows I've one more still in the kidney. I hope it goes through without much trouble. So now I am a day behind on getting stuff done at work before we leave this weekend for Laura's Graduation. Oh well. Work will always be there.

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