Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sitting here watching the BSU game on one channel and flipping and watching Missouri on the other channel. Here are some pictures of Shalon at the reunion, and with Chris at the wedding, and Laura up at the lake.
This week was different, Monday I had a Dr. appointment and was told the my constant sore throught was acid reflux, so now I have another pill to take. Thursday I had to take the prep for Fridays procedure and you know it didn't go any better than it did 4 years ago. Fridays procedure checked out okay. I was out of it till about 2 in the afternoon.
Today David and I went up to the church camp to work on his eagle project. He is changing out the water facet to a new freeze proof hydrant surounded by pea gravel so there is not a big mud hole. The wind was really blowing and it was cold, but we dug down and found out what we needed for the size and type of pipe.

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