Sunday, October 19, 2008

This weekend David, Myself, and four of his friends went back up to the church camp to dig out the old water hydrants and install new freezeproof hydrants sorounded by pea gravel and pavers. The old hydrants would freeze up in early spring after the water was turned on and also made a mud hole. This was David's Eagle project and I am sure glad that is done and over. I am not much of a plumber. I had a hard time with the hydrant next to the pavillion because it had a water line tapped off it that went back to the kitchen. It took David and I an hour to figure out how to plumb it and get it hooked up. Lucky someone had left a few fittings in the well house because I was short a 3/4 tee. We still need to go back up because I told Bother Glenn that we would move all the old rock from around the one hydrant and didn't get it done because it got late. Harvest is winding down, most of the Onions are in, Potatoes are done, and the farmers are harvesting grain corn and suger beets. It sure seems odd not having the smell of the sugar factory any more. We have cut the store hours and only have one more Saturday to work. Hopefully Dawna and I can go camping once or twice before it gets really cold.


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