Saturday, November 8, 2008

I thought today that it would be a slow Saturday, but it has been pretty busy. I went to Ontario this morning to pick up smoke chips for smoking the meat for the luncheon at Cameron and Lesley's wedding. Also picked up the barbecue sauce. David and I are being lazy, we normally make it. David tends to make it really hot though. I blew out Mom and Dad's sprinklers, then blew ours out. I worked on the hot tub, Then I tried to get the old lawn tractor that pulls the lawn sweeper started. I finally had to cheat and go buy a can of starting fluid to help get it started. While I was sweeping the lawn I had a parts call so I went back to Ontario to pull some parts. I also smoked a pork tenderloin and was glad I did because we got a call about 3:30 that the missionaries were coming for dinner. We had forgotten. We did the old standby of baked potatoes and the tenderloin that I smoked. I got to watch a little of the BSU game but they were beating the utah aggies pretty bad. I was going to settle down and watch the night game then remembered the Boyer's wedding reception. Dawna wasn't feeling to great, Her contact somehow scratched Her eye and It was all red. She wouldn't come out of the bedroom when the missionaries were here and I went down to the reception by myself. Hopefully it will heal fast. So much for nice easy weekends with nothing to do.

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daddysangelgirl said...

I hope Aunt Dawna is better. Thanks for inviting us for thanksgiving! We're not sure what we're doing yet although I have a feeling I will be writing a paper for most of it! erg!