Monday, April 13, 2009

trip to utah

Last Thursday Dawna and I took old blue (1987 suburban) to go to Utah. We were going to visit some of Dawna's family and stop in Payson to pick up a gun safe for a customer at work. He was going to pay for us going down to pick up the safe and still save quite a bit by not having it shipped by truck. We were in a hurry to leave and did not prepare to well to go. Every thing was going fine although we were a little later than we wanted to be. We don't drive the suburban as fast as the buick because above 65 it really gets thirsty. We got just about to Ogden and decided to spend the night there rather than pulling in at Dawna's sister at midnight. Hardly no sooner had we decided to do this and the suburban died. No hicup, no warning just dead. Luckily we was able to make the offramp and coasted down to a patch of gravel beside the offramp. There was a truckstop nearby and We walked over and bought a flashlight because we didn't have one. I pulled the air filter and checked while Dawna cranked over the engine and sure enough there was no fuel coming out of the injectors. We grabbed our bags and walked about 400 yard over to the motel which we noticed was right beside the truck stop and got a room for the night. I called the police dispatcher and told Her where the suburban was at and she said she would have an officer check it out. Later a Utah state patrolman called and said it was fine where it was parked for 48 hours. The next morning I got up at sunup and pulled the fuel filter hoping that it was the problem. No luck. We got a hold of a repair shop and he sent a wrecker to pick us up. The only problem was that he took 3 hours to get there. Once the car was towed though the repair shop was very fast on completing the repairs and after a good chunk of change and a new fuel pump we were on our way. Dawna and I had to take an extra day off work because now we couldn't pick up the safe until Monday. We did get to see more of Dawna's family than we probably would not got by staying the extra day. All said and done though We are glad we are home tonight.


Andrew, Jana, and Sydney said...

Sad! I hate car repairs(especially unexpected ones)! Glad you're home safe.

Carolyn said...

That stinks! I forgot you were going to be down here. Any other time you come down, you are free to drop in if you have time!