Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I decided to take some picture around the house to show some of the projects we are doing. David chipped out all the old sidewalk that had come apart. We got all the old concrete out and then it rained so now we have a moat. Hopefully it will dry out soon so we can form it. Next to the suburban is what little garden we have planted. Hot caps were a little expensive so I only bought 6. I have tomatoes under 4 of them and peppers under the other 2. The radishes and the peas are up and I have some cucumbers planted and some transplanted. The is a row of wave petunias by the lawn. In the one picture you can see the place out just due west of the house. hopefully we will have fence up here in a few months. We are enjoying the spring and seeing the flowers coming out and all the grass greening up. David has mowed the lawn twice and as soon as it dries out enough it needs mowed again.

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Carolyn said...

I'm thinking you should probably just buy a small alligator and put it in your mote rather than finishing the concrete :-) Way to go on the garden. Looks good!