Monday, April 5, 2010

Wow I've been a slacker. Oh well. These pictures are from the week and weekend of Davids missionary farewell. He is in Cwmbran (pronounced cumbran) Wales. It is north of Newport. He is doing well and loves what he is doing.
I have a great family picture taken by Merril and will post it when I can scan it in. Life has been busy although a little quiet. I have thought about the day when all the kids were gone quite often and did not look forward to it at all. However after this weekend at different places with lots of children it is a lot more peaceful. Unfortunately when kids travel they sometimes are a little cranky which is to bad. I still love it though when they come to visit and I am never ready for them to leave.


Garnetrose said...

Lovely pics. David looks just like a guy who attends our church.

Wendy and Wes said...

I want a copy of that family picture.